Quotation handling in forum

Hello all,

I was wondering whether it’s possible to turn on some kind of quotation highlighting in the forum. There was already a request to change the font size in an earlier post… I want to warm this up again.

I’m currently eating my way through a thread over 8 pages long, and I think it’s very annoying that the quoted text in a reply is absolutely indistinguishable from the new text of the current poster. You always have to guess which part is original and which is new.


This is no longer part of the quotation, but looks exactly the same!

I used the quote and /quote tags in the example above.

Other forum platforms like vBulletin or SimpleMachines solve this rather nicely by putting the quoted text inside a box or even changing the background color… Even a simple “italic” setting of the quoted text would do!

Though this might be a “problem” of PNphpBB2, maybe there is a global option in the forum config or an extension that can be activated by the admins.

I haven’t found too many posts here complaining about this — I’m positive I’m not the only one :confused:


Ok, I just noticed that if I change the forum’s theme to “Icey-V” the quoted text is like 1 pt smaller than the new one… Still too hard to differentiate, but that’s already better than nothing.
The theme “PostNukeSilver” is even 2pt smaller … but butt-ugly ;-)

In that case it would probably suffice to add a new theme that does some kind of sensible highlighting of quoted text. Maybe even make it the default theme-- unless I’m really the only one annoyed by this.