Urgent!! detecting SATA hard drive with 'devb-eide' problem

Hello ALL:

     I have a new motherboard, a hard drive is connected through the SATA controller, "pci -v" reports the controller as follows:

Vendor ID=8086h, intel corporation
Devide ID= 2828h, 82801HBM(ICH8m/ICH8m-E) SATA IDE CONTROLLER

    But when i start 'devb-eide" manually in the terminal, it can't detect the hard drive connected through the SATA controller, only thing 'devb-eide' reports is the cd-rom.  I also tried 'devb-eide eide vid=0x8086h, did=0x2828h', no luck neither. 

    The reason i'm doing this because i need to create a customized cd which only loads certain required drivers at bootup for our systems.


The first thing to do is go into the BIOS and make sure that you set the SATA controller to run in Legacy (it’s sometimes called IDE) mode. Otherwise devb-eide won’t find the drive.


The PC is running on the hard drive connected to the SATA controller, the hard drive is made from the qnx 6.3.2 RunTime CD. Bios is also seeing the harddrive correctly, reports as 'WDC WD800BEUS", configured SATA as IDE.

  i need to make a customized bootable CD, but when it runs the 'devi-eide', it can't detect the hard drive. 

   The simple test i'm doing now is runing on the PC with hard drive in qnx6.3.2, in the terminal, start 'devi-eide' manually, it is not reporting it can see the hard drive neither.

If I understand you correctly, the hard drive works normally when you install QNX from 6.3.2 Run Time CD.
If so, when all works well, type
pidin –p devb-eide arg

Start devb-eide with the same arguments.
Will it fail?

Yes, i’m using the same argument as what ‘pidin -p devb-eide arg’ reports, but still saying ‘xpt_configure: no eide interfaces found’.