QNX 6.2 NC Installation problem


I downloaded QNX6.2 NC.

I am having the sytem with the following configuration:

PC with Celeron 1.7 GHz. with Intel mother board.

BIOS used is AMIBIOS 6.2

OS - Windows XP

I have installed QNX 6.2 NC and booted through floppy as wellas with CD, It goes up to

" Scanning for devices" and system hangs there.

Can any one help?


If you get to ‘Press Esc for altboot…’ then press Esc and try some of the options it gives you for a safe boot. You may also want to check your video card and other bits and pieces for support. If you’re using PS/2 keyboard/mouse, you could consider turning off USB in the BIOS, see what happens.



when I start my computer it says this:
Press the space bar to input boot options…
Deceted EIDE. Scanning for devices.
/.diskroot file for root not found on any filesystem.
Starting with safe mode
Unable to locate fs-pkg

but if I boot with verbose it works

Did you press Esc right after prompt to do so?
Do you see /.diskroot file when it works?