Help with Callbacks

hi guys… well my history its like this… i have a Photon WIndows with a multitext and 2 buttons… one button has 2 functions… first its start wich calls a thread that receive data from an udp socket and then it shows to the multitext widget (i already have it working :smiley:), the other button its stop and its suppose to freeze what is shown in the multitext, and the last one its a clean button that clean the whole widget …

so basically i need ideas for this 2 callbacks…the one for the stop button and for the clean button… i really apreciate your help

I would ask what your question is, but I would first suggest you be more careful about your words. Threads are not called. They can be started and joined and a lot of other things, but not called. It’s also pretty unclear what you mean by freeze. Do you mean prevent the user from entering or changing data in the multi-text, or stop the process that was moving data from the UDB socket to the multi-text?

well…sorry my mistake… im starting a thread… about freezing im trying to say that stop showing text into the multitext, i mean… that basically stop the thread… well i already did it… i just make a pthread_cancel(id_thread) from the stop button… now i need a callback to clean the multitext… can u help me please ?