"Missing operating system" when booting from Disk

We are trying to put a boot image onto a Disk on Module that plugs into
a standard IDE slot. We can format and initialise the Disk on Module from an exisiting QNX6.2.1a system, when plugged into the secondary IDE slot. The devb-eide driver detects it as a standard IDE device.

With fdisk we have created a single partition, made it bootable and enabled the loaded. Then we initialised the file system with dinit and copied a bootimage to .boot on the mounted Disk on Module partition.

But when we try to boot from the Disk on Module we only get
Boot partition 1? 1
Missing operating system

Any ideas?

What exactly was parameters string you used for dinit? It looks like you didn’t put secondary loader to partition. “Missing operating system” message means that bootsector of partition was successfully read, but it doesn’t have bootsectors signature 0xaa55.
You can try ‘dloader’ your partition and see what happens. (‘use dloader’ for details).

The dinit string was: dinit -hb /dev/hd0t77
and it even said, that is was using …/pc2

I went back to scratch: (this time using type 79, is this relevant?)
re-formatted: “fdisk /dev/hd1 add -b -t 79 loader”
initialised: “dinit -h /dev/hd1t79”
2nd loader: “dloader /dev/hd1t79 pc2”
bootimage: “cp netboot.ifs /dom/.boot”

and it works!