Looking for compatible AGP card

My problem is I’ve got an older computer that I still have to use at home (for now) which has an AGP slot. The ATI card in it is not one of the supported cards. I’ve looked through the list of supported chipsets and the few (33) AGP cards still available at NewEgg to see if there is one available that would work.

No such luck.

If anyone knows of a card I could buy please, please let me know what it is and where to find it. Or if you have an old (even used) AGP card you’d be willing to sell me I’ll paypal you the funds (inc. reasonable shipping).

I’m somewhat desperate! (Buying a new motherboard, CPU, ram and video card is not in the budget this month. Not after yesterday’s stock market activity, that’s for sure!)

If this please would be best in another section of this forum let me know or maybe a moderator could move it.

ATI sells some PCI card that works.

NewEgg lists only 19 AGP cards with AGP chipsets. There is one with a 9250 and one with a 9550, neither of which are in the list on the QNX site. The others are HD3000, HD2000 and X1K series (X1050, X1650Pro, etc.)

Unless I misread the list none are on the QNX supported list. Maybe a different vendor would have an older card.

Any suggestions?

I may have answered my own question. Searched TigerDirect and found some DiabloTek cards including that have supported chipsets. I’ll probably order the Radeon 9000 with 128MB ($34.99) because when I’m not running QNX on this machine I do video editting on it which uses Radeon GPU for background rendering.

However I’m still open to other suggestions.

I just ordered 8 different PCI and PCI Express video cards (no AGP, sorry) for testing in 4.2x and 6.3.x. I’ll let you know what I find out.

We often use the Jaton VIDEO 107-PCI, still available from Buy.com and CDW. Crappy video card, but it works. Sort of. Oddly, you order the same card (for damn near ten years) and yet get different revisions, and the revisions mix and match with different versions of the QNX drivers in some kind of chaotic pattern tied apparently to the phases of the moon. There’s also the Jaton 3DForce G-32, an AGP card. Harder to find than the 107, but I did see some availabe at vendors I’d never heard of on Google Shopping.

In general, we’ve had better luck with ATI than nVidia, but we do have some working nVidia cards. One time (about five years ago now) I got in an nVidia-based card and it worked. So I called the supplier back and ordered 5 more to have on the shelf. But the card had been replaced by then, and the new and “improved” one did NOT work in QNX.

We also have lots of trouble with integrated graphics, especially in 4.2x

If you want REAL fun, try to find a video card that works in both 4.2x AND 6.3.x We’ve found ONE. No, it’s not on the market any more. It’s a no-name GeForce MX-400 AGP card. God help me when it dies.

Also, we tried the Matrox Millennium G550 PCI Express x1 card when it first came out. Aside from being an even crappier card than the Jaton (and that’s saying something) it did not function in 4.2x or 6.3.x

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.

Thanks James. I’d be interested in what you learn. For the most part I’ve moved on past QNX4. It is only 6.3.x that I care about these days.


I'm not sure what your requirements are, but I've found that Voodoo cards have worked well in both QNX 4 and QNX 6.  Now this might be a bit scary, a card from a manufacturer that no longer exists, but they always seem plentiful and cheep on eBay.  For the most part, you can use two of them for a dual monitor.   Not as nifty as a dual head though.   I probably have an extra AGP one around if you have trouble finding one.


Thanks Mitchell, I may take you up on that. What I need is a card I can use in my personal home machine to do some personal development under 6.3.0, so a zombie card (company dead, card keeps living) would be just fine.

Silly me; I hadn’t thought of eBay. I’ll look there to see what I can find. Ideally the highest-end ATI that QNX 6.3 supports so it can do dual-duty for Windows based video editting (dual-boot computer).

Thanks for the suggestion.

Hey James, how did the testing go?

I may soon be building a number of 6.3.x machines with PCI (Express) video and would like to take advantage of the testing you’ve done. QNX4 compatibility is not a requirement (thankfully).

If this goes though I’ll be buying spare hardware to stockpile “just in case”.

Well, I was all set to tell everyone to rush out and buy a Sapphire 1032 Radeon X300SE 512MB PCI Express video card, because it works great in QNX 6. But by the time I went to order another one it was gone! This was in the space of 3 days; I must have gotten one of the last ones. It worked out okay, though, because it turns out the Sapphire 10033 Radeon X300SE 128MB was actually BETTER! So I went to order more and… can you guess what happened? That’s right; no more anywhere. Argh!

Well, the Sapphire 100173L Radeon X1550 512M (Newegg order number N82E16814102080) is pretty decent. Of course, who knows how long they’ll last? Also, this was a no go in QNX 4.25. An X1650 was similar, but immediately discontinued.

For some reason, an MSI X1550 didn’t work at all. (Don’t know the details on this card; it had been lying on the shelf awhile.)

The ASUS EN6200LE/TC256/TD/64 (N82E16814121019), however, was a looser. It worked, barely, but doing an “ls” was like watching paint dry. You can read each line as it scrolls up. Talk about slooooooooow. Naturally, this was the BEST card we found for QNX 4.25, though it required some manual tweaking of the crttrap file. A since-discontinued GeForce 7200GS card was similar; worked okay in 4.25, terrible in 6.

On the PCI (not Express) front, things were equally mixed. I had mentioned the JATON Video-107PCI (not available from Newegg, but CDW and Buy.com have it) as a decent choice for 4.25, but it’s virtually unusable in 6. The JATON Video-208PCI-128TV GeForce MX4000 (N82E16814139174) was worse in 4.25 and equally bad in 6.

The GECUBE RX7000-64M PCI Radeon 7000 64MB (N82E16814241001) and similar HIS Hightech H700H64-1TOPN Radeon 7000 64MB (N82E16814161011) Worked reasonably well in both 4 and 6. Moving up to the HIS Hightech H925H128E1TOPN Radeon 9250 128MB (N82E16814161010) was fine in 6, but didn’t work at all in 4.

I’ve (hopefully) attached and OpenOffice.org spreadsheet summarizing the data.

PCI Express, QNX 6 recommendation:
Sapphire 100173L Radeon X1550 512M (N82E16814102080)

PCI , QNX 6 recommendation:
HIS Hightech H925H128E1TOPN Radeon 9250 128MB (N82E16814161010)

PCI Express, QNX 4 recommendation:
ASUS EN6200LE/TC256/TD/64 (N82E16814121019)

PCI , QNX 4 recommendation:
HIS Hightech H700H64-1TOPN Radeon 7000 64MB (N82E16814161011)

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.

Okay, NOW I’ve attached a spreadsheet summarizng the data.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.