Any seggestions for a text editor.


I develop websites generally in php and a bit of perl.

I am looking for an editor for these (and general html use) which has a few helpful features. I would like some thing fast and configurable with syntax highlighting and - this is the killer - ftp (or ssh/telnet) remote file editing. I use an excellent program called Source Edit on windows which does all of this but I would like to do it in QNX as well.

I have allready found a few (not tried them yet). Workspace looks good but It doesn’t mention remote file editing. the other is VIM which claims to run on QNX but looks ridiculously complex and has to be compiled with care in order to work. Whilst these are not problems as such, I would quite like to know if there is a better solution before I try compiling VIM or something.

Would it be easier/possible to mount the remote file system through ftp and then just use workspace to edit stuff from the mounted system?

Does any one else develop web scripts on QNX? If so what do you use. I’m not allergic to command lines or compiling e.t.c. but I’m fairly new to QNX and I’m a bit of a sucker for a simple, stylish GUI (like that of Workspace).

Thanks for a any suggestions.


You can get Bluefish for QNX, which is designed for Web page work. I do not know of anything for QNX which can open a file directly off FTP, but you could look at something like ncftp, which can very easily be made to upload a local directory of files to an FTP server. So you could edit the files locally and then upload them to your remote server very quickly. You could even do a quick bit of Perl to watch the file for changes, then auto upload it, so you’d barely notice the difference.

Thanks - Bluefish looks good - it’s in the 3rd party repository isn’t it?

I’ll have a look at ftp type things.

If aayone has other suggestions I’ll gladly hear them.


Yes, latest version is on QNX’s online repository.

You could look at Eclipse, I don’t think it has FTP features like you want off the top of my head, but it’s extensible with Java, so might be some options there.

VIM 6.x is also availible on the thirdparty repository, so no need compiling it atleast :slight_smile:, not sure if it has ftp/ssh/etc support by default tho, that’s maybe what you mean that you need to compile it with care… uuhm…

I have fully installed several pieces of software from the repository and they don’t work.

I have installed gftp and bluefish - they installed fine. but when I try to run them (from the launch menu) nothing happens. There is not even any CPU load/spike suggesting that the pc is struggling to open them. This also happened when with mozilla 1.1 (part of the qnx 6.2.1 install). How can I make them work?

Also, how do yu add programs to the shelf in photon? I just couldn’t work out how to add another program under the applications group.

Thanks for any help.


banks - install the XPhoton package.

ah ha

I shall do that now.