help to start

Im new user of qnx and a have this problem:

  1. I do to
  2. I download momentics 6
  3. Take non comersial license
  4. Install momentics

And now i do not know how to install neutrino…it have to be in momentics file

Please can someone hep ne to install neutrino rtos, or bay be i didn’t download it i can’t understand it…In qnx site is written that neutrino is in momentics suit, but i can’t fide it…

Back in the QNX 4 days, the new product was called Neutrino. Later they changed the name for the whole thing, development etc. to Momentics and and started using the name Neutrino to refer to the kernel.

So when you download and install Momentics self hosted, you have have installed Neutrino. If you install the Momentics development environment on another host, such as Windows, you need to build your own load module for booting Neutrino.

Thenks and how to build load module ???+

I guess I should have said boot file. This is documented in the on-line help files that you get once you’ve installed Momentics. I always run self-hosted, so my knowledge of how to do this probably wouldn’t help. I go to the /boot directory and modify one of the build/* files, and then run mkifs against it. This creates a new boot file which I copy to /.boot and then I reboot. If you are cross developing however this won’t work at all.

Oks i read help info for BSD and i managed … everything i fine :slight_smile: