Converter Questions


I have a question regarding a converter. I am busy building a driver for
a unique network device. The driver is not an ethernet driver. I would
like to send IP packets over it for tests though and for this I need a
converter. I have not been able to find more, than sparse documentation
on converters. The converter does not need to do more than just change
the packet type from ip to dl. (dl is the custom packets that the driver

I would like to know if:

  1. A converter needs to create advertisement packets?
  2. Will specifying the top and bottom type in io_net_registrant_t be
    enough to ensure there is a right type conversion? (Assuming no changes
    need to be made to the actual packet content.)
  3. Can the converter be loaded by the io-net ā€œ-pā€ option?

Thank you.