error 33, dont find libraries

Hello, Im new in this, Im programing small programs in C but when I want to compile (#cc ejemplo1.c or #cc -o ejemplo1 ejemplo1.c) the terminal put this:

#ejemplo1.c:2: stlib.h: No such file or directory
cc: /usr/qnx632/host/qnx6/x86/usr/lib/gcc-lib/ntox86/2.95.3/cpp0 error 33

do the same with all libraries…

Saludos… guille.-


there is a “d” in std…

If this is just a typo, do you have a runtime or development system? May headers are missing, also try “qcc” instead of cc

Isn’t it stdlib (with “dâ€

in the program is stdlib.h and stdio.h…

Please type
find /usr –name stdlib.h

Is stdlib.h found?

hello ysinitsky, all libraries are in:


but when I compile don find anyone!!! I also try with qcc… and its the same.

These are rather headers (not libraries).
Please try
cc –I/usr/include your_prog_name.c

If you have to do -I /usr/include then something is really broken in your installation. How and what did you install? What does qcc -V reports?

What is your version of QNX?

Hello i have the same problem when i compile it doesnt find the libraries NO SUCH FILE OR DIRECTORY stdio.h or signal.h my version is qnx 6.4.0