USB Mass storage device not detected in QNX6.2.0


My need is to make the USB mass storage device as a plug n play in QNX6.2.0.

Is there an USB driver for QNX6.2.0 that i can download from any website.

Since i could not find the below commands working in my QNX6.2.0
io-usb &
devb-umass &

its gives an error /bin/sh: io-usb: not found

Any suggestions???

Thanks In Advance


In 6.3.0, io-usb is in the /sbin directory.

You may want to see if io-usb is in that directory. If it is then make sure your search path is set to look in there.


Thanks Tim for the immediate reply

Yes you are correct, In 6.3.2 the io-usb is in /sbin

but i could not find io-usb in QNX6.2.0, with the search result
find / | grep io-usb i could not get anything

Will the io-usb of 6.3.2 will work in QNX 6.2.0???
if not can i get that driver downloaded from any website?



I have no idea if io-usb written for 6.3.0 would work in 6.2.0.

I suspect it would start but you may not get the behaviour you expect.


Thanks Tim