EXP function problem

Hello everyone!
Im just trying to use the EXP function. But when I want to compile the source, next error is shown :

/tmp/AAA027554_cc.o: In function ‘mocnina’ :/tmp/AAA027554_cc.c).text+0x14d): undefined reference to ‘exp’ cc: /usr/ntox86/bin/ld error 1

I have “math.h” file, compiler can find it, also EXP function is also included here. When I use other libraries I dont have this problem with any other function.

Can anyone help me with this problem? ( is the problem in the EXP function expression? - I tried to type it as e.g : x=EXP(n) ; x=EXP(.n) ).


I believe it is in the math library, try to add -lm at the link line.

Very thanks for your help. Now it is working correctly.