Issue with lsz & lrz utility for PPC OS

  • Its regarding Send and Transfer utility [Qtalk :Talk over a communications line , SZ & RZ] in OS for PPC
    On Hyperterminal
  1. On command prompt
    If I run
    lsz : it gets hang,

  2. when I tried to transfer the file to disk, like

  3. Transfer

  4. Send file

  5. select file

  6. Zmodem With Crash Recovery.

  7. Send

  • issues are like,
    1. some times hyperterminal always gets hang
    2. Sometimes show progress bar. It start only after running lrz on command prompt and then tried to transfer file.
    3. And if it shows progress bar then at the end of transfer of file, it gives error “status : Connection time out”
    and “No Response from Remote System”.

Can anyone suggest me solution over it