IFS image problem


I made an ifs image file, under windows-host with a QNX System Builder Project.
So I have got the ifs image (mybasic.ifs)

Can I write it to a CD and boot from it after this “install” my neutrino system to a full empty x86 PC?
It has got a 6 GB hard drive and a CD-writer.

This PC can’t boot from USB or Ethernet and because of this I think the only way how I can use it is a CD (or no???)

The host machine is a notebook with windows (without floppy drive, but otherwise my image is bigger then 2 MB…)

I think it’s not too difficult, but i didn’t find the answer in the last 2 days.

Any help will be very appreciative

You didn’t say, does your image file have an IPL?

No It hasn’t got IPL.

Must I make one to do what I want or I can do this without IPL?

If you want to boot from it you’ll need an IPL.