About syslog

Hi Qnx friends, i am new to this forum. i have some programming doubts on Syslog protocol. i am expecting some related information from you people. its little bit urgent for me. i am giving u questions about syslog as follows:

  1. Sending a log message from one machine to other , on which syslogd is running (on both) using syslog API.
  2. Runtime modification of syslog config file and check if syslogd has to be killed and has to be restarted?
    3)Modifying the config file such that only perticular messages will be redirected to other machine.
    4)what is the time stamp printed in the message recieved on the other machine.
  3. Check is there any possibility to avoid two time stamps in the message. (for this you may need to look syslog() implementation).

NOTE : i need the related programming for these questions and please give me some explanation.