how to make a license floppy in 4.25 ,use synta "licens

how do I make a license floppy in 4.25 ,use “license”
my license floppy is damaged ,but I have a usingQNX4.25 .someone tell me use syntax “license” ,I can make another new license floppy .
I use “license /etc/licenses /dos/a” ,but floppy is nothing .
please give me a answer

You can’t make a QNX license disk on a dos diskette

you need to run it on your node that has all of your licenses (node 1).
put in your floppy.
run fdformat /dev/fd0
dinit /dev/fd0
mount /dev/fd0 /fd0
mkdir -p /fd0/etc/licenses
license /etc/licenses /fd0/etc/licenses
this will put all licenses off that node onto your floppy and make sure you lock it when you are doen.