I’m sure Martin is going to burn me for this one, but I’ve been on the road for a good month and a half and just now touched a computer again, but I was wondering, what’s going on with qnxZone. It seems many of those who worked so hard on it are here. And believe me, I was there when it started, I was there for the redesign (which never took place), I saw the backend work, but where is it now?

I understand everyone’s busy, but man, this just sucks. We came so far, and then, nothing. Again, I don’t know circumstances. I’ve been gone for a while, and haven’t touched irc yet. But someone please explain this phenomenon of disappearing and/or stale QNX portals.


P.S. Didn’t know Bill was moving to Seattle, if anyone talks to him, have him email me, maybe we can hook up for some drinks or something.

I can think of two reasons:
sometimes, zone developers disappear for a long time, some come back like you :slight_smile: , others just gone.
this left lots of work onto martin himself, who, unfortunately/fortunately, had his second child lately. for those of us who have kids, you know what this means