.boot permission

Hi all

I have one weird problem.

I build a CF with a QNX OS image in it, and tried to change the permission(777) of the files, i could not change the permission of .boot and .altboot.


  1. I am using QNX 6.3.2
  2. I am a root user
  3. The CF was inserted into a USB CF card reader (The CF was detected as /dev/hd10)

Note: The same .boot and .altboot files if i move them to the hard disk i can change their permissions(777)

Any suggessions on the above scenario…

Thnaks in Advance

/.boot and /.altboot are not treated as a regular or “normal” files. They have some “extra rules”. For example you can’t move them. You can copy a other image overwritting them. I suppose is by security. For ex, not to remain without boot image. But I don’t know who carries out the work. I suppose that filesystem manager does.

QNX 6.3.2 doesn’t allow changing file permissions for the files which start with “.â€