table widget in photon


I am creatin an Application where data must display in an table, and 

the table must be editable.
Below is code created, it works but not a table and also is not editable,
can you Please tell me how to go about with it.

int First = 10;
char Second[20] = “second”;
int Third = 30;
char *line[10];

char l;
char my_line[100];

/* eliminate 'unreferenced' warnings */
widget = widget, apinfo = apinfo, cbinfo = cbinfo;

sprintf(my_line, "%d, %s, %d", First, Second, Third);

for(l=0; l<=5; l++)
line[l] = my_line;

PtListAddItems(ABW_list, (const char**)line, 1, 1);


This thread might help you out: … w=previous

But also, you could consider drawing the whole thing yourself, for maximum flexibility.

In the above case the List created is not editable.
Can you please tell me how to create a table, which is editable, and diplays for particular data.