Xfree86 for QNX ARM9

Hello masters…
I would like to use AG-TDK with QNX6.4 on ATMEL AT91SAM9RL64.
There are two reasons for my choosing AG-TDK in front of Photon:

  1. lower footprint
  2. Personal branding (honestly, I do not like the photon look and fill).
    But I need some kind of windowing toolkit.
    I think of going on the the X Solution.

I’m new to QNX and X, so I need lots of details:

  1. What aer the relations and differance between X system and AG-TDK?
  2. Does X “Calling” AG functionalities? Does it replace them?
  3. what is the size order of a compiled X Solution? (From - To)

Am I totaly wrong?


You are not totally wrong, but:

  • ‘X’ is much bigger in footprint than Photon, so it makes no sense.
  • The look and feel of ‘X’ can be changed but it’s not easy
  • The look and feel of Photon can be changed and it is quite easy
  • ‘X’ doesn’t support AG TDK as far as I know.

Photon is the way to go IMHO.

You probably wouldn’t want to put X on top of AG. I’m not really sure what it would give you unless you already have an X application that you want to run this platform. X on top of AG is pretty much Photon.

For performance and size AG is best, however there is no IDE to help you with the design.

We’ve made a product here at CrankSoftware that can run on top of either platform (Photon / AG) and will give you no issues with branding since we don’t use the standard widget concept. You actually create your UI by simply dragging and dropping the actual images you want right on to the screen and layers and then assigning them actions that are driven from events. We also support import of PSD files to make moving from the UI designer to the engineering team a lot easier.

OK, I’m done my shameless plug :slight_smile:


Drop me an email if you want to discuss. jason (at) cranksoftware (dot) com