OpenVPN Client for QNX6?

Is there an OpenVPN client for QNX6? I saw some topics about porting it to QNX4 but what about QNX6? Thanks!


You can find OpenVPN and TAP driver for QNX6 on the kpda forum:,179.0.html

Thank you for this hint! Meanwhile, I found OpenVPN here: … 90724/All/

Is it the same package?


No, it is another package. Package from pkgsrc has couple of disadvantages:

  1. Beta version 2.1rc13 (our package based on 2.1.1)
  2. Don’t patched for QNX (ifconfig and route).

Also there is no TAP drivers in the pkgsrc.

Interesting. Is ist possible, using your package, to have a QNX6 machine be a OpenVPN server, so that one can connect to it using the OpenVPN client of a Windows machine?


It was not tested, but I think this is possible. You can try it and inform about resuts. In my tests one QNX machine was a server and others were clients. Clients were placed under NAT and used TAP devices to connect to the server.