Passing MAC Address from UBoot to QNX?


we are using UBoot to boot QNX on a PPC. We are booting from NAND.

This works so far, but currently the MAC needs to be set manually when calling the network driver in the startup script. This isn’t so hot for two reasons:

  • during development, we are having UBoot load the image using TFTP. UBoot sets one address for TFTP load, then QNX comes up and sets another, and windows gets confused. Only after we ping the host from the target, Momentics will establish the qconn connection to the target.
  • later in the product, we will potentially have several CPUs in the system running the same OS Image. It would be easiest if QNX just used the MACs already configure

So, how do i pass the MAC from UBoot to QNX, besides QNX re-reading it from the config part of the flash?

Also I’m a bit surprised: io-pkt takes one MAC address parameter, and uses this address for en0, and the next higher MAC address for en1. What if i wanted to use another address for en1?


Did this question get answered? I’m in the same situation!!!