QNX Momentics and Neutrino

Hello, I just start to use QNX and I have some basic questions:

  1. QNX Momentics is used for modify the Neutrino by programming on IDE? but it seems like Photon microGUI can aslo used
    for programming. so what the difference between them?

  2. if I just use Photon microGUI, this means I just need to install the Neutrino but need not to install the QNX

  3. If I want to install a system which dual boots Windows and Neutrino, then I should use the “QNX Momentics Development
    Suite 6.3.2 - Neutrino Host” ? IS this means neutrino RTOS have been contained in the suite, and I need not install
    neutrino separately?

thanks very much,


  1. QNX Momentics is used to develop programs that run on Neutrino. Photon is an GUI front end that your application can optionally use as the user interface for a Neutrino application.

  2. You can write a Photon app to run on Neutrino without the Momentics IDE but it is really a difficult way to go. Much better to use the IDE to develop a Photon application.

  3. You can dual boot Windows and Neutrino. You could also install VMWare in Windows and install Neutrino in a VM. To install a bootable version of Neutrino on a PC you would use a Neutrino Host disk. I don’t know if QNX has a Neutrino only install disk, you probably have to use the Momentics version (but I could be wrong)

thank you very much! I will try to install first