problem with a script


I need to write a script - it will perform an update on my system.
Basically it mounts a folder from a XP remote machine deletes all the files on the board and copy over the new one from XP

from a console I do it like that:

fs-cifs -l //invoker: /update

Welcome: → /update

cd /root

rm *

cd /update

cp * /root

know how can I do it from my application ( using a script )? the fs-cifs ask for user and the password :confused: ( even if I put the user and the password in the command line )

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

You can use popen() but I’ve use fs-cifs before and I’m pretty sure I was able to provide username password on the command line.

how? :smiley:

OK got it!

no -l and user and pass at the end :slight_smile: thx