Transferring OS image created from BSP to x86 Target Board


Here is my configuration:
Host = Windows XP (x86) with Momentics 6.3.0 SP3 installed
Target = x86 board

I created an IFS image using the “x86 BIOS” BSP from: … ki/X86Bios

The Image is called qnxbasedma.ifs

Now I would like to boot this image on my Target Board from RAM. How do I do that? The QNX documentation mentions something about ROM monitor on Target board. I am not sure what do they mean by that. I think my target board/bios does not have any inbuilt utilities like that.

How can I boot my image (.ifs) on my target board? Will I need an IPL in this case?

If you board has a PXE boot rom you can load QNX through the network.

Otherwise you will some sort of storage device to store the image to and the proper IPL to load it.

Thanks for your reply.

My board does not have a PXE boot rom. Is there any generic PXE boot rom that I can program into my BIOS chip? I would like to avoid using IPL.

If you want to run it from RAM you will need an IPL