I have to create an photon apllication where, a text box must be placed within an table, and the textbox must be invisible. It must be visible only when its been clicked or while entring any data to it, which gives a format of editable table.
Can u please help me how to go with it.

PtMultiText, for getting it invisible just set the right Resources (no border, no edge, same bgcolor etc. etc. etc.)

Hi Sir,

Thanks for your reply.

I tried with what u told now, but if i want the
The Text Box to be within the table, nd not be visible.
The Complete Text box must be visible only when it has been clicked.
I must also generate multiple Text box of the similar type within the table.
what can be done.
Can u please help me how to go with it.

Which is the container widget of the TextBox?. I’m not sure what you are calling Table. Which bkg colour have that container? Did you try to turn off Pt_HIGHLIGHTED flag?

mh, talking about table i guess you would like to have a behaviour like spreadsheets/Excel/whatever

This won´t be that easy then, try working with PtRaw and Drawing yourself.
Another version would be a Grid by PtText (PtMultiText with inital 1 line).

Hi Sir,

The Container widget for the text box is the Tree widget.

     I am sending u the application in the attachment, which i have tried.
In the above Application:

   1. A table is displayed with two columns.
   2. Where only one column is in editable format.
   3. The values are added to it using an Text widget.
   4. The Text widget is placed away from the table.
   5. The values are added through the Text widget into table by a            click     on a button widget.

 We want the Application in an better way:
     1. The Text widget is placed inside the table.
     2. And should be visible only when click.
     3. The Text widget must be invisible.
     4. It must be visible only when entering value into the table.


The attachment?


I have posted my application