press esc for alternate os + 2 points then stop on qnx4

Hello, again with a problem in qnx 4.23a

as written in subject:

system boots up
after bootloader he shows:

Press esc for alternate os and 2 Points, then system hangs…

what can i do ?

pleas help

Check the fan cooler :slight_smile:

cooler is ok


Is this a system where QNX was booting before but has now stopped?

Or is this a brand new system (this also means an existing system where you replaced some hardware) you are trying to get running?


system was running, i made a copy of the system to another harddrive, where last command is
dinit /dev/hd1t77 and maybe i used hd0t77 instead, so i fu…ed the boot sector ? and if you think, that i did, what can i do to correct it ?


With dinit you basically wipe the partition clean. Dinit should be the first thing you do and then copy the files. You have to start again.

sorry, maybe i wrote the wrong things…
it was something like dinit -B -h /dev/hd1t77 and so on, which should be a command to rewrite the boot sector… the command worked more than once before, so I’m sure that the command was correct except i used hd0t77 instead of hd1t77, where i coppied to…

calavera 68

what do the 2 points at that stage mean
normally the systems are starting with counting up to (?) 7 points, than i see the hardcards/partitions and the system is running

my problem is, that the original system, that i want to copy to a new harddrive is not working and i’m looking for something like: boot a bootable floppy - start the command ??? and the original system should run. I got a harddrive with the same system running as well if i need to.
something like the working one as master - the hanging system as slave and so on…

Yes, a simple way could be to configure your working system as Master and the broken as Slave, then, after boot, you can mount the partition, at least to recover all the information. Then you could install again QNX from scratch and then copy your info…

Hi… Try changing the value from LBA to not LBA on the BIOS configuration or viceversa.