USB-2-Serial driver

Hi, I got a problem…

I have successfully installed a USB-2-Serial device(0x9710/0x7720) by using the driver “devc-serusb”, but the equipment
(named Polaris Spectral, NDI) I have to use has a converter(VID/PID: 0X0403/0Xda70), class:0x00,

According to the support list above, it is a FTDI chip but the PID is not
supported. So what should I do to install the special converter on the QNX? Is there any method to solve the problem?

Thank you in advance!

please give me some suggestion! My boss ask me to use linux to replace the QNX because we can not wait any longer…but I really do not want to give up QNX,
help me please!

I have a driver for a “Black Box” (name brand) serial device that connects via Ethernet. The boxes can support 4 or 8 serial connections.

Thank you very much!
But the USB-to-Serial converter is fixed on the device, so I cannot use other converter replace the one. Otherwise, I could change it asap.
So is there any other choice except write a driver by myself? if I can modify the “devc-serusb” driver?

Thank you!

I guess you can specify pid and vid as parameters.
Refer to … erusb.html

I specified the vid and did, but it seems not working as well.
I am not sure whether I wrote a right command or not,
firstly, #usb
vendor: 0x0403
and then:
#devc-serusb -d did=0xda70,vid=0x0403 … erusb.html
Is the command above right? Thank you!!

I think you must not have any spaces between comma-separated suboptions to -d option.

What is the output of sloginfo command? QSS-supplied drivers usually log using slogger.


The output of sloginfo command is :
1 6 0 serusb_attach_device:unknown device(0x403:0xda70)
1 6 0 serusb_create_device:unable to create serial interfaces(0x403:0xda70)