Installing QNX in VMWARE ESX server

Greetings –

Has anyone had any success in installing qnx/os under vmware esx?



Yep, running 6.4.0 in ESX right now. It’s a bit complicated because you need to have to create the .boot file yourself. The default one doesn’t contained the devb-btmm driver that is required by ESX.

6.4.0 is easier then 6.3.2, because the 6.3.2 devb-btmm driver doesn’t auto detect the controller and you need to provide the ioport and irq.

Yep, running 6.4.0 in ESX right now. ItGreetings –

Thanks for the info … What doc is available for creating the .boot file for each version of the os?

Each version of the OS? The procedure is the same for each.

For now I am just looking for 6.3.2

The command is ‘mkifs’. Take a look to the documentation. Is simple. The build files are in /boot/build/*.build.