cannot access apache 2.0.48 on neutrino


I’ve been able to cross-compile apache 2.0.48 for neutrino powerpc. I cannot retreive any web page using Explorer. I’m using the same address than the one specified in httpd.conf ServerName.

Does anybody is running apache 2.0.48 ? If so, how many process does httpd generates ? Is there a way to know if apache is running properly ?


Hugo C.

I don’t think anybody is doing apache 2 for neutrino at this point, not even x86.

why don’t you start with apache 1.3 where we know it works for x86 .

You should have at least one process running called httpd, if that’s running then open up httpd.conf and make sure the port is set to 80, by default it was 8080 last time I installed Apache.

If you don’t have a process called httpd running, attempt to start it and post the error messages. If there are no error messages it might be the odd problem of your hostname not being localhost, try hostname -s localhost before trying to run Apache.