Running Multiple instances of TCP/IP stack

Hi all,

I am running multiple tcp/ip stack with command
io-net -i1 -del900 pci=0x1 -ptcpip prefix=/sock2
then i am setting SOCK environment varable in my server application as /sock2.I am doing the same thing in client
application.I am able to receive the data in same node or machine on tcp/ip stack with prefix sock2.

But i am facing problem when i am running the client application on remote node and trying to receive the data.I tried
to receive the data without setting the SOCK environ variable on default tcp/ip stack and also tried by running another

tcp/ip stack with same command and setting the SOCK environ variable in client application then also i am not able to
receive.Is it possibe to do like this or there is any other way to do this.

I did not understand how this tcp/ip stack with prefix sock2 connects to remote node tcp/ip stack (either default or tcp

/ip stack with prefix sock2).Please let me know the solution i am new to tcp/ip.