Does Photon Support any LCD resolution or standard only?

Hi …i want to know if photon support 800 * 480 LCD resolution?

thanks in advance :laughing:

Photon can pretty much work with any resolution.

The limitation would be with the graphics chip and driver.

What graphics chip/driver are you running?

hi…thank you for the reply
We are using ARM9 processor and the LCD resolution is 800480 (15cm by 9cm)
we have not recived hardware so we are simulating the GUI on VM ware and later we will portin the software to the hardware.
Qnx running on VMware don’t support 800
480 resolution.
please do suggest
thanks in advance

If it will run at 800x600 you can just not draw anything in the last 120 lines.

It’s not uncommon in an embedded system to do that. Lot’s of 1/4VGA or 1/2VGA systems run in 640x480 VGA mode.

You can get I think any resolution on VMWare the trick is to edit the trap file. Basically a trapper ask the hardware what it supports and it will usually reply with a bunch of standard resolution. Just edit the file and add the resolution you need at the top of the file and that should do it.