Need help with Hardware setup using 800MHz PC104 with 512ram


I’m a newbie to the group, and QNX. So, I managed to find three PC104s that someone else was running QNX on, when they had hard drives.

Can’t seem to find the specs, but the wires are in place to connect to video, hard drives, … I don’t have a model number at the moment either as they are sitting in storage - a few miles away from me. Looking for the information that was sent with them, but think that’s in storage to.

These three are identical and from ADVANCED MICRO PERIPHERALS Ltd.
800 MHz with 512 MB Ram.

What I would like help with is what hardware configuration I should use, and does any one have a Touch Screen for sale. Or an old QNX/Neutrino kit with a touch screen for sale? :exclamation:

Terry :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean by “what hardware configuration should I use”?

Doesn’t that depend on what you’re going to be connecting to the board and what your specific project needs are?

Sorry, no touchscreen here. Years ago I used a touchscreen with a PC104 project. It started out with a Microtouch controller that was replaced early on with some custom FPGA code and driver.

Hi Kwschumm - thanks for responding.

Well now that I have picked it up from storage, I’m not so worried about setting it up as based on the wiring most of it is obvious.

  1. Well for one, does anyone know how to setup the power supply [5 volts] from say a 6 or 12 volt battery? Either a unit I can buy, or the schematics to build one? I’m considering buying a lab power supply off of ebay, but I would like to run it off battery if possible as part of a step in the right direction for the robotics project I’m working on. Of course, I can search the net as well, but if some one knows of an existing unit or schematics that would be better.

  2. A used QNX/Neutrino kit does not seem to be easy to find. I’d love one with or without a touch screen. This way I know I’d have all the information and tools to be able to start programming and interface, to some devices to start re-learning more about RTOS’s [I have not used one since I graduated from university]. Eventually I’d like a touch screen that can be run off battery supply as well for field testing. But also to learn how to program for such an interface which I see as a useful tool for robotics and testing.

More about the system I have from reading the board:
AMP 2000 TINY-x86LP
Video connector
USB connector
PS2 Mouse connector
Hard drive connector
Ethernet Port
Battery for memory

  1. How do I load the RTOS? Just format the hard drive with the OS? Does Momentics do that? Can I tell Momentics what the destination hard ware is so that it knows what to install on the hard drive?

  2. I guess I could buy an small used LCD screen to directly connect to the video port. Then I’m guessing if I setup the hard drive right it will know what video drivers to use. Which is why I’d rather have a kit to remove a lot of the potential problems I see.

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