Help with one Configuration

Hi, I’m working in Caterpillar, Mexico, and we want to make one Backup Machine, I looking for the service.

I want to put the new one, and old machine in a mirror.

I dont know what hard is to make that.

If you have a coutization, send me. I want the whole programmation.
Here in mexico, I pay the travel, and the hotel, and the services of course.

Send me a coutization, Thank you.

I really appreciated

011-52-867-711-00-00 Ext 145. Caterpillar Inc. México.

Recognising that your english is not great, can you explain coutilization in other terms? I don’t know what you are asking for. There are several (at least) consultants who visit here and may be able to help.

Can you also say what version of QNX you are running - that will help people respond as well.