ONX 4.25 IP configuration - running under Virtual Machine

I have QNX 4.25 running in Microsoft Virtual PC and it has IP add (defautl router IP add) and would like to change to a fix IP add. But I dont know how I could do it.

I have a loopback network adaptor created in my XP machine and this loopback has and subnetmask (same as the QNX subnetmask).

I could ping the QNX machine (in virtual PC) and QNX machine could also ping the XP machine. But (QNX machine is to absurb), because it will crash with my company’s router. That is why I need another IP add

Anyone has any idea how to change the IP?


The QNX4 docs explain this, have you looked there?

I managed to change the IP address. However I have a different problem now. I manage to ping between my xp machine and the QNX in virtual pc (without LAN).

However when I activated my LAN network to get IP from DHCP, the connection to virtual pc lost. There is no IP address crass. The subnet and gateways are the same.

QNX virutal ip
xp machine ip from DHCP server
loopback ip

gateway . These configuration are the same for all machines.

any clue what is the problem?

Does VirtualPC creates a bridged virtual networked card or does it do it through NAT?

You say that the connection to virtual PC is lost when it’s trying to get IP from DHCP? By who’s getting the new address ( XP or QNX ).

Hi Mario

The Virtual PC is configured to use Loopback Adaptor. Is this what you mean?

The connection between XP and VPC got lost once my XP machine hook up to network. This means the XP machine is the one getting IP add from DHCP.

QNX fix ip
loopback fix ip
xp machine dhcp


I don’t know Virtual PC, I do not know what Loopback Adaptor means. I find it odd it has its own IP address though. Check in the documentation, it’s possible that it behaves as a router.