QNX Foundation Classes Problem

I have tried install the QFC on my host machine with windows vista home premium.

I installed the eclipse plugin and downloaded the repository projects. The problems are:

  1. There are two projects (qfc and sig++) that don’t have the makefile (it is showed by an eclipse warning) and i cant’t select the active build.

  2. When i expand any project on navigator i get the windows error (cpp1 dejó de funcionar (in spanish)) and qde crashes.

How should i fix theese problems?

Thanks in advance,


These projects use the CDT’s “Managed Make”, so they do not use makefiles (i.e. there is nothing wrong here).

Well, the first problem isn’t a problem, and the second one makes no sense to me. What version of Eclipse are you using?


I’m using QNX Momentics 4.0.1 but i’m pretty sure the problem is my HOST os windows vista.

Eclipse runs fine on vista for me.

As Mario says, it probably isn’t vista. It could be that you have installed another jvm that is conflicting with the qde jvm, or perhaps you have installed your own copy of cygwin (QDE comes with it’s own jvm and cygwin).


I have installed Quartus 8.0 and Nios II IDE (eclipse based, it uses its own cygwin), but this goes fine with vista.

I have the sun microsystem jre installed too.