Unpack QNX-4.25G-01.tarx

I have an urgent need to unpack the QNX-4.25G-01.tarx file.

The instructions say I need a Installation CD. Have that but it asks for License Numbers. Since we use the old style License Numbers, none of my valid numbers work. I assume that is why it also does not boot when asked to reboot.

Without being able to run phinstall which requires Photon (we don’t run on any of our systems), I also assume I’m screwed getting over this hurdle.

Can anyone offer any help? I only need to check the version and maybe need the Fsys and Fsys.eide files.

Excuse the sarcasm, I’m glad everyone answered at once. QNX4 help is dying fast…

Could someone just sent me the latest Fsys and Fsys.eide modules?

Sorry, but I think it is not free software… Try to create an account in qnx.com and download from there.

Juan Manuel

To add to juanplacco’s comment. Not only is it not free software, but you go absolutely no right to be sarcastic about a site offering free support that you are not happy about.