adding existing c++ class to existing phAB project

Hello everyone,

I’ve already read a couple of threads about my issue but none of them solved my problem.
Im writing acadmic project so that i dont have much time for that.
I’ve designed and developed phAB application with callbacks and so on. Everything is written i C and it containc proto.h. Now i would like to add file with header my.h and use some of implementhed metohods in my project (some of them in callbacks or maybe if there sie any other way which will solve that ?
Ok i tried not to make proto.h file
I also added -lang-C++ or sth like that to properties of compiler )also linker and tried to use .o files). Is it really so hard to use classes in that code ?

Thanbk you very much for any help

Callback have to be static. Other then that no major problem. I believe there is a section about C++ in the documentation.

Which is the error message you get? Did you compile the c++ code (the class) externaly, and now you need to link agains it from an Photon application?.

FIrst aff all you have to compile your c++ code. Is just a class with some methods? or what?