Unable to run the Font Server (phfont)

I’m trying to create a QNX IFS image from system builder perspective with Photon embedded in the OS image. I’m Unable to run the Font Server (phfont). Please tell me if I am missing something.
QNX Version: 6.4.0
Platform: x86
Reference: Section “Photon in Embedded Systems” from qnx.com/developers/docs/6.4. … embed.html
I have followed all the steps given mentioned section
I’m able to
1.Start the QNX graphics framework server (io-display)
2.Start the Photon Server
I’m unable to run the external Font Server (phfont)

The contents in the *.bsh file for running the font server is:
phfont -d /usr/photon/font_repository -X &
waitfor /dev/phfont 10

The console shows during startup :

unable to start “phfontâ€