Im working on project in which i have to draw rectangle with other reactangles in it every 3 seconds. I have a problem because function
PgDrawIRect() draws it in currect graphics content. I want to draw it always in the same graphics context. I mage GUI in appBuilder inserted there background widget and i want it to be the graphics content for my reactange.
I read that PgDrawIRectCx() may be usefull but i dont have any idea on how pass first argument

int PgDrawIRectCx( void *dc,
int ulx, int uly,
int lrx, int lry,
unsigned int flags );

thank you very much for help.

Try opening a PgRaw() and Draw in there.

The DC should be your direct context.

Edit: Err Draw Context

thanks for reply
But I dont know how to do it and dont know if it is really what i was looking for. Whatever drawing context is active I want my reactangle to be drawn i the one and the same

Check the Raw Drawing and Animation chapter in the documentation.

sorry but i cant find any solution in this documentation :frowning:

You need to use PhDCCreate(). The void*dc for the first parameter is very confusing, and should have been a type. I am not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish, but I hope my suggestion helps.