Problem with mouse USB


I am installing QNX 4, using an Installation CD but I have a problem, with the mouse usb, this after the installer is finish, the mouse not is detected for the operating system.

After starting the QNX Installer Process, this shows me a window “Welcome to QNXâ€

As far as I know the CD doesn’t have support for USB. Make sure in the BIOS you have emulation on. That’s all I can think of at the moment.

mmm… I don’t remember that window you are talking about…

After booting, “inputtrap” command can help you (try input trap query and compare the output with your /etc/config/trap/input.$NODE file).

If inputtrap works, redirect it’s output to /etc/config/trap/input.$NODE, so you’ll have your input configured. … ttrap.html

Good luck!!

Juan Manuel

Alejandro, I think you’d better use classic PS/2 or even serial mouse if your computer have appropriate interface.