Upgrade qnx 6.21

I have QNX 6.10 installed under Windows partition.
I have burned a CD with qnxnc621.iso.
How to upgrade QNX 6.10 to QNX 6.21
Thank you for your help.

You have to re-install I am afraid.

I have uninstalled QNX 6.10.
Under Windows , the only choice when the CD of QNX 6.21 is inserted is : create a boot floppy !!!
There is no possibility to install on a partition , like 6.10.
Thank for your help.

Like most systems, it needs it’s own partition. Anyway, the 6.0 and 6.1 installs can’t be put on a ntfs partition so continuing support for that method, I presume, was deemed confusing.

So all you need is a spare partition on your hard disc. If windoze is taking the whole disc then something like Partition Magic can be used to shrink that partition. Then booting the qnx 6.2.1 cdrom will get you to the native installer.