Installing QNX4 4.25 Proc32 G patch

I have replaced the Proc32 on my system with the Proc32 G patch in order to take care of some timer problems I am having. The problem I am having is that my sleep(s) are hanging.

I put the Proc32 in place, but didn’t re-make the boot image and the problem seems to still be occurring.

I was wondering if I also need to re make the boot image in order to get the Proc32 changes to take effect.


Yes, you have.

BTW, as I remember the Proc32 version that comes with PatchG, is not the latest (I think is ver 4.25P). The latest Proc32 version I’ve ever seen is 4.25Q.

After rebuilding your image file, run “sin ver” to see Proc32 (and the other processes) version.

And finally: before install a new /.boot be sure your /.altboot is working :smiley:.

Juan Manuel