win32/linux GUI for QNX application


I am supposed to implement linux/win32 GUI for existing machine controller.
This controller runs on QNX 4.25 as well as 6.3.1
We also have Neutrino GUI which communicates with controller via shared memory
What would be the best way for linux app to communicate with QNX app ?
Any recommendation on how to write portable linux/win32 GUI ?
Any suggestions besides wxWidgets, glib+GTK ?


  1. TCP Sockets are an option.

  2. GUI Toolkits:


Tilcon sells a kit for GUI portable across, Linux, Windows, QNX6.

You also have to option of using Java (but not so much for QNX6)

aha, something opensource ?

An other possibility: implement a web application on the QNX controller and use a browser - e.g. Firefox - on Linux/Windows/Mac/… (and QNX).

  • Peter

Qt uses two licensing models: open source (under GPL) and commercial.

FLTK and FOX are under the LGPL (GNU Library General Public License), so it’s opensource

smartwin isn’t cross platform, only windows, but it’s open source.

Have you looked at Eclipse? That is a pretty impressive GUI, and the binaries run unmodified on Linux/Win32/MacOS, kind of a feather in Java’s hat I’d say…

At Cranksoftware we are creating a UI that that is portable across platforms (QNX, Linux, WR, Win32)

If you have any questions you can drop me an email at jason (at)

Have you looked at SIMPL?

I am back with another question :slight_smile:

Are binaries available for QT 4.4 and its Python wrapper PyQT 4.4 anywhere on the web?