Getting the Panes of a Panelgroup

I have a Panelgroup that contains several PtPanes:

|---Pane 1 |---Pane 2 |- Label |- Pane
etc etc

I want to have access to the Panes that are currently realized within the PanelGroup.

I tried to get them with PtWidgetChildBack and then getting its brothers with PtWidgetBrotherInFront. This doesn’t work.
I then tried to traverse the Widget Tree with PtWidgetFamily and then determine the widget type by PtWidgetClass.
That works, but it also returns me every Pane that is being used within a Pane.

I can’t use the currently-selected-index of the PanelGroup because some panes could be unrealized.

How can I get all realized Panes of the Panelgroup?


I think I found it: loop over the index, reading the widget pointer with PtPGFindPanelByIndex.
Then check if != null and if IsRealized.