devf-ram , Unable to create specified size

Hello Guyz,

I am trying to create a ramdisk on the SH4 with 512 MB RAM.

This is the command.
devf-ram -s0,6m -i2,1
flashctl -p /dev/fs2p1 -e -f -v -m -n /mnt/ramtts

However when I see the size with df -k, I see only around 2 MB.

COuld someone help me on this



From the docs:

"You can specify the base physical address, sizes, and offset in octal (0777), hexadecimal (0x1ff), or decimal (511). The sizes must be a power of two, and you can specify them with any of the following suffixes: "

So 6M is not a power of 2.


Hi Tim,
I changed the value from 6M to 8M, but with the same result.


You might want to take a look at this thread:

It’s not exactly the same question as yours but it does provide some more info on using devf-ram. You might want to simplify your arguments to devf-ram (remove the -i stuff) until you get the address/size part right.