Notebook (laptop) for QNX4+Photon

Friends, is there some contemporary notebook (laptop) suitable to run QNX4+Photon and also having serial (COM) interface?

It should:

  • have COM port
  • boot from QNX4 CD and install of it (I think if the CD/DVD drive is SATA it could be a problem for QNX4),
  • have QNX4 supported VGA chip,
  • have QNX4 supported Ethernet chip.

Which contemporary notebook MoBo chipsets are you using under QNX4+Photon natively (not through VM) - and VGA and NIC chips are supported?

What about widescreen resolutions under Photon - how are you resolving that?

We had QNX4 running on a very old Pentium II Laptop, i think it was one of my old Gericom or Sony-Vaio (The sony acutally ran without backlight, was funny to remove everything behind the screen and put a generic desk-light behind ^^).

It did not have full hardware support, but everything we had in mind did work there. This included the serial port. We had Photon running, but i am not sure if there was any acceleration, i tend to say no there was no acc, just a plain fallback mode with 1024x768 (or 800x600? ^^).

While Ethernet worked fine from the beginning, we never got USB working. But this all was just some testing about 4 to 5 years ago i think.