porting libxml++

Has anyone able to build libxml++ source from QNX 6.3?
It seems like I need few other things ported order to build libxml++ like libxml2, iconv, glibmm and sigc++ and possibly glib.
I am starting from sigc++ since it seems to be the library needed for glibmm and glibmm is needed for libxml2. I know iconv and libxml2 is available in thirdparty CD but it seems like at least for libxml2 I need a higher version (2.6.1) at least. I downloaded all the sources but all of them have failed either on compiling or linking after executing ./configure
or ./configure CC=qcc

any suggestion?

It built last time I tried it on pkgsrc (6.4).

See this page:

community.qnx.com/sf/wiki/do/vie … ryPackages


ftp://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/pkgsrc/package … 081005/All

If you writing your code from scratch (you aren’t working with existing code that need libxml++), have a look at the Poco library (google it )

I am working with existing code that needs libxml++ so no luck there.
seanb, would this binarypackages work for 6.3 even though it was built in 6.4?
I downloaded just th libxml++ and tried it really quick and my code compiled but had some problem during linking and it was looking for a different verson of some of the .so files I had (can’t recall which one, should have written it down) maybe libc.so in libc.so.6 or 8 version. Another problem is that the libxml++ ported version is 1.0 but I think I need at least 2.0 and up, can you give me some direction as to how you were able to port libxml++ to qnx because I tried it in qnx6.3.2 and because of dependencies I needed to build other libs but I am having trouble building glibmm in particular glib because it can’t find iconv.so

All these dependencies are just too much for me :frowning:
Also some libs are available in 6.2.1 port but are too old version for me.

No, 6.4 binaries will not run under 6.3

Juan Manuel

now I am trying to do this in 6.4 but when I try to install the libxml++ package it is not looking for libxml2 package but it can’t find it from the ftp site. Is there libxml2 ported over to 6.4 or do I have to do this my self.

Have you check on netbsd ftp site as seanb suggested

yes, and it’s not there unless you can point me to it.

Same as the post to your iconv issue, there is a libxml2 included in the /opt/crank Open Source
ports that you can pick up from here:

Hope this helps,

any plans on getting the libxml++ ported?

No plans to, but we can take a look at it the next time we re-spin the archive.

Typically things that need a “bit” from other things tend to be awkward to work with and it
is better to work with the authors to remove the dependancy on the ‘bits’ …


I’ve updated pkgsrc and libxml++ is up to 2.24.2
therein; however it now has a dependency on
glib2 which needs some work. I’ll try to get it up
for 6.4.1.


Thanks, but would this only work with QNX 6.4? Any chance it’ll run on 6.3.2.
We already have alot of software written from 6.3.0 days and just can not migrate to 6.4 any time soon.
I have downloaded pkgsrc for 6.3.2, upgraded gcc to 4.2.4 and am trying hard to compile libxml++ 2.24.2 but running into issues with getting the glibmm ported because it has dependencies with libsigc++ and glib2.
How did you get libxml++ to build with out these dependent libraries?

I would really appreciate if these libraries can also be compiled in 6.3.2

6.4.1 actually.