View Anonymously

It’s good that you made it so people can’t post anonymously in most of the forums, but they should still be able to read…Right now they can’t.

Patrick_W (on my way to registration)

Again, I’d have to agree.

Hi Patrick_W, glad to see you here. I’ll check with the right person to see if this can be changed. By the way, I still don’t see your name in the “MemberList” when I click it. let us know if you need any help on how to register.

Nope, I’m here. :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree too, as it’s a bit annoying to have to log in when I’m not at home just to view the forums. ;)

Thanks for the feedback and sorry about the delay. Guest reading is now enabled. Please test out and let us know if you still have issues.

login to view is still a better idea because you will see special icons/marks for those groups that have unread posts. after you click the group, you will see special marks for those unread threads. Without login, you will have to browse through to figure out the unread/new posts.