to identify card network and to know IP


I must to identify what is my card network  and to know IP 

How can I do it ?

Thank you in advance :unamused:

Usually you set the IP yourself unless you have a DHCP server.

Look at /etc/hosts file. There should be your computer’s IP address.

If you don’t know which network card is inside your computer, try:

show_pci (if your card is PCI, you will see its type in the list)

or try sin (list of running processes) - if there is ethernet “driver” running - something like Net.rtl or Net.tulip or…

or try nettrap start -vvv.

Or you can boot from something (floppy, CD, …) and run some DOS based PC configuration utility.

If your PC is state-of-the-art model it is small chance that your NIC chipset is QNX4 supported. Then try to buy e.g. Realtek RTL8139D based PCI 10/100 ethernet card - it runs with Net.rtl “driver”.

Or take a screwdriver, open your box, locate NIC card/chip and read it’s type.

To know the IP you can use “ifconfig” cmd